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I’m from a city near here, Chicago, IL..beautiful scenery though.


Wale at work. #Folarin

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"Our grandfathers had to run, run, run. My generation’s out of breath. We ain’t running no more."

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Square Dancing with Giants: (Untitled)


Today, I told my best friend all about my fear of writing prose. About the ideas I keep tucked away to myself, for fear that they won’t come out smooth, luminous, like so much gypsum after the rain.

Without fail, I want to jot down something every day. Recently, my mind has been on the Frank…


Tickets are on sale now for The Strivers Row summer showcase, on July 31st at Columbia University! Featuring Joshua Bennett, Alysia Harris, Jennah Bell, Zora Howard, Miles Hodges, Jasmine Mans and Carvens Lissaint ! 

YES! Finally here!

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Plays: 1689


“10 Things I Want to say to the Class of 2012” (as performed at Columbia University’s Black Graduation on May 15th 2012).

Wrote this in my living room. This is the poem in it’s sixth or seventh form. It may change again, going forward. Hope ya’ll enjoy!